Be Content with ctrl+shift

Ctrl+Shift launched in 2019 to support content creators to grow their YouTube channels and provide their subscribers with the merchandise they want. The content creators were then able to invest their profits back into their channels, such as improved equipment or attending events. This enabled them to produce even more quality car content for their viewers. The success of this can be seen in moments such as both Joe Achilles & Petrol Ped smashing through the 100K subscriber mark in 2021.

The question we have been asking ourselves this year is how do we now start to support those channels at the very beginning of their journey. The great content that isn't being seen widely simply because of a lack of subscribers. We know these content producers are the future faces of Ctrl+Shift and we wanted to know how we could help them achieve their goals.

And our answer? Ctrl+Shift is launching our official YouTube channel to allow YOU, the budding YouTube star, to share examples of your content to a wider audience. You will be able to promote your knowledge and film-making skills, supported by the wider Ctrl+Shift community, and begin to build your own reputation with our followers. We hope this will set you up on you way to reaching your goals and maybe even becoming part of the Ctrl+Shift family too.

If you would like to be one of the first to appear on the upcoming Ctrl+Shift channel please submit your videos to All videos will be reviewed and we will contact you if your video has been selected. Please ensure you include all social media handles so that viewers are able to find you and hopefully help you to build your follower/subscriber numbers. The video can be an old favourite or all new content. It must be car related but the rest is up to you. 

Join us for this exciting next stage of Ctrl+Shift as we grow our community even further and hopefully you will soon find yourself launching your own range of merchandise for all your dedicated viewers.