Ceramic Coating 9H

Ceramic Coating 9H

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Exclusively from ASPECT DETAILING, we bring you the Ceramic Coating 9H!


Are you looking for the ultimate in protection? You are looking at it!

  • 9H Ceramic that can be applied to paintwork, vinyl, plastics, alloys, carbon, metals and more
  • Made in the UK
  • 5-year protection guaranteed
  • Instant curing
  • No need for heat lamps to cure
  • Hydrophobic and self-cleaning (water and dirt will just fall off)

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More information:

  • Anti graffiti properties due to the inability for paint to stick, all that’s needed is a light pressure wash to remove it, no need for labour intensive scrubbing or harsh chemicals
  • Cleaner for longer with self cleaning properties, rain normally washes away dirt meaning less regular washes and less intensive pressure
  • Use of strong chemicals when cleaning is not required which is better for the environment
  • Chemical resistance to both man-made chemicals and natural contaminants (i.e. bird poo) meaning that costly repairs can be avoided
  • Improved company image